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Introducing: The Bitches in the Basement by Ashleigh Lake
Genre: Erotica (explicit/hardcore)
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Word Count: 50,000+ words

Plot Summary: 

Told from the perspective of three different people in a sexually charged triangle, The Bitches in the Basement is an intensely explicit exploration of temptation, expectation and infidelity.

Set against the status seeking backdrop of New York City, the three-story brownstone on the Upper East Side has become a sexual war zone with the lines clearly drawn between the three sexy socialites living in the main house and the two slutty bad girls living in the basement apartment.

Caught in the middle is Luke Prescott, political protege and conflicted fiance of blonde beauty Kendra Mercer, who can't seem to stop fantasizing about the dirty girls downstairs, especially the sex kitten with the killer curves, Cady Lane, who makes no apologies about going after what she wants.

At the same time, Kendra is tired of playing by the rules and being the perfect society girl, and harbors some kinky desires of her own. When the right kind of bad boys show up on the scene with intentions of seducing the bride-to-be, chaos ensues.

Tricks, deception, and dirty sex games abound in this wild modern tale that shamelessly taps into some of our most basic desires and instincts. Just who are the players and who are the pawns? The only thing that's certain is that when it comes to the playground on Brentwood Street, lust overrides logic, and nothing is as it seems.

Background information:

This is the complete novel, first inspired by a 8,000 word short story I wrote two years ago that got a lot of attention and acclaim from readers. It was originally meant to be a fun tongue-in-cheek very dirty read, but the characters seemed to jump off the page and demand a little more air time. Clearly there was more of their story to be told based on the old adage that there's a different side to every story.

With that in mind, I picked my three protagonists (Luke, Kendra and Cady) and gave them each a voice and perspective in this 50,000 word tale. As such, they each have their own distinct chapters as well as two addition chapters ('The Aftermath' and 'Conclusion') that will have a few unexpected dirty surprises for fans of this storyline.

My favourite kind of story has always been where there's no distinct hero or villain. I love to play with character flaws. In the same way, I believe that we all have different sides to ourselves, some remaining hidden for only a chosen few to see and in some cases, we have sides that remain hidden even to ourselves. In this novel, Luke and Kendra are unable to reconcile their private and public faces, even from each other, both believing that the other expects and wants them to be a certain kind of person, even within their own relationship. 

I wanted to explore the idea of our secret selves and our primal desires, the kinds of things you might hesitate telling your significant other for fear you might be judged or looked at differently. We all put our best (and least controversial) selves forward in the burgeoning stages of a relationship but what happens when social pressure and expectations keep us from getting beyond this roadblock? 

This is the crux of the novel and the backdrop to all the sordid sex-capades that result, as a beautiful, outwardly successful Manhattan couple come to terms with their kinkier urges on the precipice of their wedding. Their decisions bring both a sense of sexual liberation as well as total chaos into their lives in the process. 

Cady Lane might be my favourite 'bad girl' character of all the erotic stories I've written. She is free with her sexuality and lives only for her own wants and needs with a cheeky, playful spirit and an extremely devious mind always looking for a golden opportunity to further her game. Most of us aren't this ruthless in reality, but it's easy to slip into her mindset and understand why she sees the world in the way she does. She enters the scene and sets off a chain reaction of events and eventually culminates in a intensely wild (ie. filthy) showdown and confrontation that will have you on the edge of your seat.

I have had a lot of fanmail over the past year a half about this storyline, and I'm happy to bring you the final finished product. This won't be published for free online anywhere, so be sure to download your copy from today!

Length: 50,000+ words, six chapters
Smut factor: High/Explicit
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Publisher: Lush Publishing (
Will this title ever be available for free online: No
Tags: group sex, anal, threesome, gangbang, rough sex, cheating, public sex, girl-on-girl play, facials, m/f rimming and a whole lot more.
Copyright © 2012 Ashleigh Lake
Cover Photography © 2012 David Lace (

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Announcing: My New Novel, Playing Dirty

It's almost like watching two years of my life fly by when I look at the contents of this book. These are eight of my very best delicious, salacious, dirty, very graphic tales of sexual mayhem.  I am very proud to offer this 269 page blockbuster on, produced and edited by Lush Publishing, with cover art by 2010 erotic artist of the year, acclaimed photographer, John Tisbury.

Playing Dirty: A Collection of Hardcore Erotica by Ashleigh Lake

All’s fair in love and lust. These eight short stories tell the tale of the modern girl’s desire to take a trip down the sexual rabbit hole at any cost. Reluctance, illicit trysts, revenge sex, alpha rogues, good girls gone bad, anal, rough sex and explicitly dirty encounters are just some of the twists and turns in this collection of hardcore erotica where nothing is as it seems and playing dirty can get you what you want.

College girl, Jenna, gets more than she bargained for when she asks her boyfriend to spice up their sex life. Erica seeks the ultimate revenge on her cheating boyfriend, starting at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. A flirtatious online relationship turns into a dirty bet that Ashleigh is bound to lose when she meets a sexy stranger while on vacation with her boyfriend. Megan and Shane's relationship takes an intense turn on the dance floor when they revisit their old party scene and meet two kinky strangers in the VIP room. The lines of loyalty, friendship and lust are blurred in a tale of two best girlfriends gone astray on the night before Alexa’s wedding to an irresistible bad boy. 

Erotica author, Aidan Black, develops an online stalker with twisted intentions and a desire to push him past the brink of his own sexual limits. A slutty blonde bride indulges her wild side on the night of her bachelorette party and will do anything to avoid getting caught. And one night as an escort leads Alison into a spiral of sexual depravity that awakens her darkest fantasies.

These stories tap into the dirty girl’s sexual psyche and explore the temptation of taking control while ultimately losing control, and where playing dirty is always fair game.

Now, this is A LOT of book.  Each story is told in a mini-novelette format.  There are very graphic sex scenes, and I make no apologies. When I say I write Erotica, think explicit, not purple prose or whimsical romance. I want my writing to speak to the modern 'sexual adventurist'... 

Some guys that have read my work and weren't familiar with erotica have told me they were surprised how dirty the stories were and how easily I got right into the meat of it. I take this to mean that the word 'Erotica' often conjures images of women reading Fabio-esque bodice rippers with vanilla scented candles lit on the nightstand. Or the more modern version being a Mary-Sue love story, similar to the Twilight saga, with overwrought love scenes and swooning and "he touched me down there" confessionals. My writing doesn't fit any of those molds, which is why I like to call it 'modern erotica' for the modern sexual enthusiast. 

Think Sex in the City, Entourage and Californication combined with your favourite porn flicks, all merged into one piece of entertainment... with one catch - you've gotta read it instead of watching it.

Why Kindle?  

Erotica is the #1 most downloaded genre right now on One reason for this is that people are often a little shy about walking into a bookstore and going into the "dirty story" section and picking out a book and paying for it as a guilty read. It's far easier to download it at your fingertips. As well, you can read it anywhere without worrying about porn pop-ups on your computer, or your wife or husband hanging over your shoulder or checking your computer history files. You can get your fix and read it out in the open - on the train to work, in an airport, at work when your boss isn't looking - you get the picture! If you appreciate your privacy, kindle is the way to go.

The Stories in "Playing Dirty"

You will find a combination of content in this book. Some of these stories are award winners and have appeared online. Some of the stories you will never find anywhere else. Having enjoyed a lot of success under my alias of Dancing Doll, I have decided to officially turn to formal publishing going forward. I've had my writing plagiarized on multiple occasions and other writers who have suffered this fate know how disheartening and stressful it can be.  My goal is to continue offering my fans high quality caliber tales - both as short pieces as well as finishing some of my more popular series like The Bitches in the Basement and the Sex Rehab Diaries, and to offer these in Kindle and/or print format on Amazon. Your little Doll is growing up! Please continue supporting her along the way. 

I am indebted to my fan base for keeping the spark alive with my writing and inspiring me to keep chasing a dream I had long ago. I wanted to thank you for joining me and supporting me on this adventure. It's been a wild ride so far!

Of course, I would be remiss to not show you exactly what you were getting in my first full-length novel collection of stand-alone short stories.  So as a quick teaser, take a look and whet your appetite for what's inside:

As always, I love hearing from fans, enthusiasts and getting feedback, so please don't hesitate to send me a note and say 'hi'!  Follow me on Twitter @AshleighLake and add me on Facebook to find out more about me. I'm also on LinkedIn. 

Oh, and please don't forget to check out my new book, Playing Dirty! Your summer is about to get a whole lot steamier! 

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Ashleigh Lake XO

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The Sex Rehab Diaries: Kylie's Confession

The Sex Rehab Diaries begins with this first entry into the therapy class at the Belleview Retreat for Sexual Health. This series was meant to explore a wide variety of sexual kinks using different characters with different fantasies that they have over-indulged in or pushed too far and has ultimately caused their lives to spiral out of control. Some characters are there voluntarily while others have been coerced by loved ones and forced into a sexual intervention. There is a healthy dose of humour used with all of these stories in terms of how the sexual mayhem unravels and the fun interplay between the characters in Dr Clark's group therapy sessions. The Diaries begin with the confessions of our first patient named Kylie. A reformed college slut, Kylie is determined to be a good girl and marry the right man. Unfortunately, an ecstasy-fuelled bachelorette party and a series of bad decisions ends up with Kylie getting naked with all the groomsmen in a wild and dirty bridal party gangbang that you won't soon forget.

Copyright ©2011 Ashleigh Lake. All Rights Reserved. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the express permission of the author.

“I’m Kylie, and I’m a sex addict.”

I tried not to cry. It would have made things exponentially more embarrassing than just standing in front of the room telling a group of strangers that I was basically a sexual deviant. I bit down on my lower lip instead, producing just enough sharp discomfort to keep the girly tears back.

I couldn’t believe I had really committed to this. Of course, I guess one could argue that I wasn’t very good with commitments, as it was. Ever since the depraved incident on that one Sunday morning at dawn, the platinum engagement ring that I was still wearing on my left hand seemed to be burning rings of guilt around my finger. I should have just taken it off until I felt entitled to wear it again, but it was so beautiful, and I was still so hopeful that things would work out.

Suck it up and deal with it Kylie , I told myself. This might be uncomfortable, and humiliating, but it was a necessary evil if I was to ever hope for a happy ending with my fiancé, Justin. Just thinking about his trusting face was enough to ease some of my anxiety about sharing my story with this room full of strangers. There was no choice. I had to do this to salvage my future with him. He still didn’t know what had happened. And his best man had promised me that he wouldn’t tell him... if I sought counseling for my ‘problem.’

“Look, I’ve always been a sexual girl,” I had told his best friend Dave. “And I was high on ecstasy for god’s sake. I mean what did you expect was going to happen? I was so fucking horny!”

Dave had just looked at me like I was a total trash bag. “Kylie, it’s one thing to have fucked around in college. But seriously… at your fiancé’s own bachelor party? How could you have done it?”

Now, standing in front of the makeshift classroom at The Belleview Retreat for Sexual Health, I tried to stay calm. This was sex rehab. It was a place meant for us to share our stories, and hopefully find some kind of resolution. While Justin thought I was away for six weeks visiting family in Australia before our wedding, I was really going to be trapped in group therapy treatment. I glanced at the faces of the other people seated in the circle surrounding me. Some seemed friendly, some seemed distracted, and others just seemed downright cynical.

I looked towards our counselor, Dr Clark.

“I’m not sure where to start.”

Dr Clark looked up from her notebook, and pushed the dark rimmed glasses further up her nose, and smiled patiently and encouragingly at me.

“Don’t worry Kylie. We’re not here to judge you. We’re just here to share our experiences and hopefully gain some understanding and some insight from each other. We all have things that we can teach each other.”

I heard someone snicker, and I glanced at the edgy brunette in the tank top and jeans in time to see her roll her eyes.

“That’s not very helpful Brooklyn,” Dr Clark warned her. “We’re here to respect each other, and our experiences. Let’s not forget that.”

I drew in my breath, feeling my knees anxiously clicking together. I had never been good at public speeches in school, and certainly this was far more frightening than anything I’d done in college. I was always been the life of the party at any social event, but this kind of spotlight was a lot different than the frat parties and the sorority froshes that I used to attend.

“Just tell us a little about yourself first,” Dr Clark said, leaning back into her chair. “Tell us who Kylie is… other than the beautiful girl we see in front of us.”

I smiled at the complements and felt myself relax a little. I had always gotten attention for my looks. In fact I partially blamed them for my sexual addictions. I had developed early in school, and by the time I was 16, I was a 34D on an otherwise tight little cheerleader’s body. The blonde hair, perpetual tan, and light smattering of freckles across my nose made me look like the epitome of sexy girl next door, although nobody could have really guessed how dirty and deviant my mind really was.

I drew in my breath and began. “Well, I’m 24 years old, and I just finished university about six months ago. It was around that time that my boyfriend Justin asked me to marry him. And I was thrilled. I mean, we had dated off and on throughout school. We finally had gotten to the point where we were both ready to commit and start our lives together. We had always been faithful to each other while we were dating, but we did have a few break ups in school. And during those times, well… I don’t know what he was doing, but I know I was having my fun. I mean I don’t think it was anything that outside the norm of a typical college girl sowing her wild oats, right?”

“Mmhmm… well, it’s hard to say what’s normal and what’s not these days,” Dr Clark said, briefly making eye contact with me as she scribbled things into her notebook. “How many sexual partners did you have during your ‘wild years’ in school?”

I felt myself blush. “I don’t know… I probably stopped counting once I got past 100.”

I saw a few smiles spreading on the faces watching me, and my blush deepened.

“Don’t worry, Kylie,” Dr Clark reassured me. “Nobody is judging. But I guess it’s fair to say that you had quite a bit of time when you were technically uhm… 'single' or not exclusive with your fiancé, right?”

“Sort of. I mean… I did a lot of partying in school. Not just your usual frat parties and keggers either. I mean Justin and I met at a Tiesto concert. We hung out a lot on that scene. I used to go to some pretty crazy after hours parties, both with him and without him. That wasn’t really anything out of the norm. And I guess I can get a little crazy when I’m high. I mean, doesn’t everyone?”

The dark haired girl chortled again. “Maybe you’re in the wrong kind of rehab, hon.”

“Brooklyn, that’s enough!” Dr Clark snapped. “Or you’ll be excused for the day and you can spend it in your room doing a self-help assignment.”

The girl glared at Dr Clark and sank down further into her seat.

The counselor turned her gaze to me again. “Did you complete your diary entry last night, Kylie?”

I nodded. When I had checked into the facility the previous day, there had been an orientation package that had been left for me, with instructions. We were to write about the event that had precipitated our decision to enter rehab. I had stayed up all night, trying to get the wording perfect. And, admittedly, I had been masturbating furiously the entire time. It had been so wrong, so perverse, so… hot! Even now, stuck in this self-imposed ‘engagement purgatory’ for the foolish decisions I had made that day, the thought of that incident still excited me, guilty feelings or not. Even standing in front of that group, and realizing that I was about to share it with them had turned me on. The confession of the singular moment of my darkest depravity had my panties wet with anticipation. Hmm… maybe I did have a problem after all, I realized.

“Why don’t you read it to us then,” Dr Clark said with a friendly smile. “And let us not forget, everyone… we are here to listen to Kylie’s story and to offer our support and understanding. It’s hard to be the first one in the group to share your confession. Don’t forget… each of you will be in her place at some point during the course of your treatment, so let’s give Kylie our full attention and respect.”

My hands were shaking as I held the written pages. Oh my god. There was no turning back now.

“Go on Kylie,” Dr Clark urged me. “Start from the beginning.”

I exhaled my breath, feeling the nerves prickling hot under my skin. Holding the pages up, my gaze fell to my girly script and with great trepidation I began to read.

It all started the weekend of my bachelorette party. My fiancé Justin and I were being taken out by our respective groups of friends. Deep Dish was playing at Kool Haus that night and we had flipped a coin to decide which group was going to go. As luck would have it, I won. Justin’s bachelor party was going to be held at his buddy Gavin’s cottage up north. Except it’s not really just a cottage. His dad is in the oil business and they have a huge house right on the water, as well as a boat house with outdoor hot tubs, jet skis, and all the fun toys to make a weekend getaway a guaranteed good time. We’d been to a lot of party weekends up there, as a couple, over the years, and I knew the guys that were going reasonably well. Justin and I had planned a big wedding, and that included six groomsmen on his side, and six bridesmaids on mine. Everything had been arranged perfectly. Until it all went horribly wrong.

My bachelorette party at the nightclub would have been brilliant time, except that two of my friends got some mashy ecstasy and weren’t having a good ‘trip’. Another of my bridesmaids didn’t do drugs at all so she was obviously just enduring the night. After all, thousands of people crammed into a sweaty club, pulsing to the dark beats under a wave of strobe lights is hardly the kind of thing one can enjoy while sober. Two of the girls ended up hooking up with guys that they met there, and watching them grinding and making out on the dance floor was only serving to make me even more horny. It was agony, actually. I’m always horny when I’m high and it had been ages since I’d partied without having Justin by my side. I could almost feel my pussy juices running down the inside of my thighs. And there was no relief in sight. Obviously I couldn’t really just hook up with someone in front of my entire wedding party, and I honestly didn’t want to. I wanted to fuck Justin!

We left the club around 4am. I thought the girls were going to come back to my place to hang out with me. It was kind of like tradition. Nobody likes to go home alone while they’re sketchy. But unfortunately they all gave me lame excuses and bailed. The two girls left with the guys they had been fooling around with at the club and the others told me they were tired or had things to do that day. To be honest, I was a little pissed off. I knew the guys would still be partying up at the cottage, and here all my best girlfriends were ready to abandon me at my own bachelorette party. I know I shouldn’t blame them, but none of this would ever have happened if they had just been more supportive of me, the way we used to be back in college.

So I went home for a little while. I watched some porn, and used my vibrator, but all I could think about was getting fucked. Sex toys are fun, but they really aren’t the same thing. I wanted Justin’s body on mine, skin to skin, his mouth on my pussy, and his fingers in my ass. We always have such wild and intense sex when we’re high. It was all I could think about. Finally, towards 5am, I decided to do the unthinkable. I was going to crash his bachelor party weekend. In my own crazy mind at the time, I figured I could go up there and party with him for a bit, even to just drag him into a bedroom for a couple of hours while the other guys were resting, and then leave and let him continue the party with his buddies. I tried his cell phone to run the idea by him, but you can’t get any reception up there as it is. So I got into my car, and started to drive.

It was a bad idea. I knew this even while I was driving. I had the music on loud to keep me in the mood, and distract me from thinking about it too much. By the time I pulled up in front of the cottage, I was actually pretty tired, and starting to wonder what I had been thinking. The sky was beginning to turn orange with daybreak, and the place was serene and beautiful aside from the lights still on at the boathouse and the driving rhythm of the bass disturbing the early morning silence. I smoothed down my little white skirt. I had worn a bikini underneath just incase I ended up staying longer than expected, and over it was a thin t-shirt with a wide neckline that hung off one shoulder. I figured it was ‘cottage sexy’, but still respectable. I mean, I wasn’t going up there for anything other than to have sex with my fiancé. By the time I walked across the property to the boathouse, I could feel my pussy start to tingle in anticipation of getting some time alone with him.

But when I opened the door and walked in, I set the wheels in motion of a night I’d never be able to erase. The music was loud, and the air was heavy with the scent of testosterone. All the guys were there, eight of them in total. They were still partying, grooving to the beats, most of them shirtless, in their board shorts and swim trunks, many still wearing their sunglasses. One guy was in the hot tub drinking a beer. And there was a porn movie on silent, the images reflecting from the big screen TV in the corner. They were all Justin’s friends, his six groomsmen, and a couple of others I didn’t recognize as well. I knew them to varying degrees. We had all partied together before, but as I searched the room with my eyes, I didn’t see Justin, or his best man Dave, whom I knew the best.

When I opened the door, a few guys erupted in a little cheer of greeting.

“Well… Kylie! What the fuck are you doing here? Just in the neighbourhood?”

Greg laughed, and came up to give me a hug. “Don’t listen to them babe, it’s great to see you again. What happened to the Deep Dish concert?”

“It was a fun night,” I assured him, as another guy wordlessly handed me a corona. “But the girls bailed on me. And I was kind of getting lonely. Where’s Justin?”

“Ah, he got wrecked. He drank too much, took a couple of tabs. He just went up to the main house to sleep. A couple of other guys are up there as well, crashed out.”

“Sleep? Seriously?” I was immediately crushed by disappointment. “Maybe I’ll just go and wake him up a little…”

“Oooh,” one of the guys said with a wicked grin. “Looks like somebody’s horny.”

I giggled and continued sipping the corona, starting to relax. “I guess I get kind of horny when I’m high. Although I’m pretty sober now.”

“Awww, well we can change that,” Greg said with a wink. He pressed a little blue pill into the palm of my hand. “Try that one. It’s fucking awesome. We’ve been rolling on it all night.”

I shook my head. “Oh I really shouldn’t. I mean it’s almost 7am. And I don’t want to crash your party weekend by staying.”

“You’re not crashing it,” Ben said, coming up and putting his muscular arm around my shoulders amiably. “You’re practically the second most important guest of honour here. I mean, we are celebrating your upcoming wedding aren’t we? Stay. Hang with us, let Justin sleep for a little while, and then you’ll be all ready to wake him up with a smile.”

It seemed like a good idea at the time, in the haze of my indecisions. I mean these were his friends, and I just driven for two hours. I didn’t want to just leave without seeing Justin at all. And I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep anyway. Besides, I was still in the mood to celebrate. After all, I was getting married soon! I swallowed the pill.

We partied on the deck overlooking the lake for a little while, and I was struck by how beautiful it was. I was in my flip-flops with my sunglasses on, watching the early morning sun starting to peak out from beyond the horizon. The air was warm and felt good on my skin. As I felt that delicious rush of ecstasy hit me, my body began to move instinctively to the rhythm of the music and I enjoyed my own little private dance floor. I was aware of a few of the guys sitting in the hot tub in the corner of the deck, watching me dance, and I guess I have to admit that I was enjoying the attention.

“You have some sexy moves there, Kylie,” Brad called over to me.

I grinned at him. “I love dancing when I’m rushing like this. Everything feels so good. I feel so alive.”

“Well, we’re enjoying watching you come alive, hon,” he said with a smile. “I hope you don’t mind.”

I shook my head, urged on by their attentions. Eventually my dancing began to cater to the eyes that were on me. I began to dance sexier, moving my hips and rocking my head from side to side, letting my long blonde hair swirl seductively over my shoulders. My skin began to heat up and in a quick spontaneous movement, I pulled off my t-shirt so that I was only in my white mini skirt and my black string bikini top. I heard one of them whistle.

“Damn, the bride is looking s-e-x-y!”

I smiled, loving all the complements I was getting, and I continued dancing provocatively.

“Fuck! This feels so good,” I cried, losing myself in the abandon of the moment.

I was riding the best high of my life. I took a long sip from the bottle of water I was drinking, and splashed a little on my tanned upper chest, soaking my bikini top, and getting a cheer from the guys who were in the hot tub or leaning against the railing, totally transfixed on me. I could hear their comments to each other about what a lucky guy Justin was, and how turned on they were getting watching me. I felt lost in my own ego as I continued putting on a little show for them. I shouldn’t have been teasing them the way I was, but I had always been a party girl and a bit of a show off on the dance floor. And having my own adoring audience only served to reinforce my desire to impress them.

I put my hands on the waistband of my white skirt and heard more cheers erupt.

“Yeah baby! Take it off!”

I saw a guy elbow the groomsman who had yelled it. “Hey dude, that’s the bride. Don’t forget.”

“Aw, we’re just having fun,” I called over, not wanting to spoil the party mood. I smiled and slowly slid my skirt down over my slim tanned hips, and let it fall to the floor of the deck. I stepped out of it, and laughed playfully, continuing to move to the beats. Eventually there was a lull in the music and someone rushed to change the CD playing. I stopped dancing, grabbed my bottle of water and went over to the hot tub where three guys were watching me intently.

“Come into the hot tub and warm up, Kylie,” one of them said. “You’re certainly dressed for the occasion.”

I glanced down, almost forgetting that I had stripped down to my black string bikini while I had been dancing. Most of the guys were in their swim trunks or shorts, so it’s not that I felt out of place, but it did feel strange being the only girl in a crowd of testosterone. Of course I didn’t mind. I loved attention, and had always felt that I got along better with guys anyway.

I shrugged and sat down on the edge of the hot tub, swinging my legs over and letting them dangle into the warm bubbling water. “Mmm… fuck, that feels good when you’re high.”

Brad laughed. “Why do you think we’re in it? Well, I mean other than the fact that we can hide our stiff dicks in here.”

A couple of them chuckled at his comment and I laughed as well. “Oh yeah? I kind of figured that you guys would hire strippers for the weekend.”

“Oh we did,” Greg assured me. “But they left a couple of hours ago. Smoking hot girls, but just strippers. They had this chaperone douche bag with them. Nobody got any action. Just some serious blue balls for all of us.”

“Wow, that sucks,” I said amiably, although secretly pleased that the entertainment had been fairly chaste. The idea of Justin with another girl made me undeniably jealous, just I knew that it made him jealous to imagine me cheating as well. We had made a firm pact when we’d gotten back together to be good to each other that way. No deception.

Which is why I don’t know what compelled me to be sitting there in my tiny bikini flirting with all his friends the way I was. But I was deliciously high, and unbelievably horny and I had always been one to love the attention.

I slid my body down into the warm water of the hot tub. It felt incredible on my sensitive skin and I moaned slowly, closing my eyes, and leaning back into the corner. When I opened them again, I was aware of everyone staring unabashedly at me.

“Damn, that looked practically orgasmic,” Devon said with amazement. “You may be just enjoying the hot tub, but you’re giving us all some seriously dirty thoughts right now.”

I laughed and stretched out my legs between him and Greg.

“Dirty thoughts, huh. Welcome to my world. I’ve been having dirty thoughts all night.”

“You get pretty horny when you’re high, huh…”


I felt the hand on my leg a few moments later, as the warm water swirled around me, and the three tanned, athletic guys in the hot tub. A few of the others guys were learning on the railing of the deck, but they were all transfixed on the sexual tension that was obvious among all of us. It was Devon’s hand on my leg first. He was one of the groomsmen at the wedding, and had gone to school with Justin. I didn’t know him as well as the others, other than having partied casually with him at various events over the past several years, when our group of mutual friends were out.

“Skin against skin is always so hot when you’re rolling on ecstasy,” he said to nobody in particular.

I could feel my pussy tingling madly, just feeling his hand absently moving up and down my leg.

“Mmm hmmm….” I agreed, closing my eyes again. “It feels amazing.”

I couldn’t tell if Devon’s first move had encouraged the others, but it seemed to open the door to allowing more hands on me.

“Hey Kylie, slide over here, and I’ll massage your shoulders,” Brad offered. “Massages are the best when you’re high.”

I smiled, and wasn’t really thinking as I shifted in the tub. I hadn’t really considered where to sit, but Brad ended up pulling me onto him so that I was using his lap as a seat, half floating in the water. Devon kept hold of my legs and I giggled as I tried to find my balance. Brad pulled me back against him and I could feel the unmistakable hardness of his dick against my ass. My breath caught in my throat, but I tried to pretend that I hadn’t noticed his erection. His hands sought my slippery wet shoulders and began giving me a deep tissue massage.

“How does that feel?” he whispered into my ear.

“It feels good,” I admitted softly. Despite my best intentions, I knew I was pushing back against his cock. It felt instinctive. I was so horny, and sitting in the lap of this hot guy that was already obviously aroused was overwhelming. My pussy was throbbing. I don’t know if anyone else was aware of what was happening, or what they might have been thinking about how inappropriately I was acting, but everyone seemed so high and so visually involved in the moment. I am certain, looking back, that nobody was really considering the reality of the situation. We all seemed to just get caught up in things.

Before I could stop myself, my hand slipped down to his swim trunks and moved over his hard dick. I started stroking his shaft through his shorts as he massaged my shoulders, my breath starting to quicken.

“And how does that feel,” he murmured, daring to kiss my neck quickly.

“Good,” I whispered almost inaudibly. “Really fucking good.”

His dick was huge and pulsing in my hand. I pushed my ass down against it, just as his hands slipped under the water and went to my hips to hold them and move me against his hard-on while he slowly began to grind himself into my ass. I half closed my eyes, feeling my nipples rise like hard stones under the flimsy fabric of my bikini. I wasn’t even aware of what I was doing. I was just moving against him, and it felt so natural. We were all so horny. So horny. Devon had hold of one of my feet and guided it to his crotch and I felt his dick against the sole of my foot. He rubbed himself against me, and I groaned.

My actions in the hot tub, gyrating on Brad’s lab, and massaging Devon’s hard-on with my foot seemed to open the gateway of lust for every other guy there. Before I knew it, Greg reached for my other free foot and began masturbating himself against it as I turned my head to the side and found Brad’s lips. He kissed me deeply, sliding his warm tongue into my mouth.

Someone else reached into the hot tub and pushed the triangles of my bikini top over, so that my breasts spilled out. The warm water bubbled over my nipples as I felt various hands groping me and feeling me up.

I felt Brad’s hand on my ass under the water, and when I didn’t object, he slipped his fingers under my bikini bottoms and began to run them along the length of my slit. I moaned into Brad’s mouth, and kiss him back harder, especially when he found my clit and began to massage it.

“Oh my god,” I heard myself moan. I felt like I was outside of the situation, looking in and watching myself react without any further thought processing of right and wrong.

“So… Kylie,” Brad murmured, daring to slide a finger into my slippery pussy. I instinctively burrowed down onto it, and he smothered a laugh at my eagerness. He immediately began to slide it in and out of me, eliciting further moans. “Can we fuck you?”

“Uhmm… I don’t know…maybe. I mean…”

“Come on,” he urged. “Just let us fuck you a little. Let’s have some fun while we’re all here.”

I felt light headed in the moment, lost in my own desires. “Uhmm… ok…maybe just a little .”

I was certain that the others were eagerly listening to the exchange, because they all seemed to be aware of the exact moment I Okayed things to proceed.

From there, Brad lifted me up with him, as he stood in the hot tub, the water draining off of us. My bikini top was all pushed to the side, and my breasts jiggled as he stepped out of the tub with me in his arms. He was so much bigger than I was, and I felt like a doll in his grip.

“We should go inside, just incase anyone ends up seeing us from the main house,” he said loud enough for everyone to hear, as though he was directing the event.

The guys filed into the house behind us, and I was suddenly aware of how much tanned, muscular testosterone I was surrounded by. Oh my god. What had I gotten myself into? But before I could really think about it, I felt hands pulling at the strings of my bikini, as my top and bottoms ended up falling away to the floor, leaving me naked, and glistening wet. There were eight guys in the boat house, and most of them began untying the strings on their swim trunks and taking them off, setting beer bottles aside, their eyes unfocused with the high from the ecstasy and the lust at what was about to happen.

Someone seemed to turn the music up, and before I could say anything, I felt hands on me, tugging at my nipples, and running over my thighs. I was overwhelmed with the sensations of being touched, squeezed and massaged everywhere. Every guy wanted a little piece of the action, while they all rhythmically stroked their hard-ons. Suddenly I felt Brad lift me up again and lay me down across the bar counter, naked and still wet from the hot tub. I felt like I had just been served up on a platter. I felt his hands on my legs, lifting them and spreading them apart and hanging them over his shoulders. His tongue dove into my pussy and I moaned and bucked against his mouth. My cunt was throbbing, and his tongue had me desperate for more.

I felt a warm mouth close around each of my nipples at the same time a hand clasped each of my wrists guiding my hands to two rigid hard cocks on either side of the counter-top bar. Without really even thinking about what I was doing, I immediately began stroking their shafts and jerking each guy off. I could feel each dick pulsing in my hand and heard the appreciative moans and murmured amazement among the guys over what was happening. Brad was eating my pussy with skill and enthusiasm, and my head lolled back and forth as my pussy drooled around his tongue. I felt a shadow near my face and when I opened my eyes, I saw Greg’s heavy balls and bobbing dick. It hovered near my lips and like a true cum slut, I arched my neck back and my mouth opened. He wasted no time sliding it in, watching me as I sucked inch after inch of his cock into my mouth.

“Don’t worry Kylie,” he murmured. “Nobody will find out about any of this.”

I gurgled my reply. There was no opportunity to really register the reality of everything that was happening, or consider the fact that my fiancé was sleeping at the main cottage only a few hundred yards away from the boathouse. I was surrounded by his groomsmen, all naked and pawing at my body while I jerked them off and sucked their dicks. Positions were exchanged while I lay on the bar counter as every guy had a turn at the various pleasure stations set up around my body. My mouth was used over and over, throat fucked by what seemed like an endless assortment of dicks. My hands were busily jerking off cocks that were placed in them, all the while my pussy and ass were being sucked and eaten by a series of talented tongues. Random hands continued to swirl around my taut stomach and full breasts. My nipples were sucked and nibbled by mouths I didn’t recognize. It was like a sensory overload. I must have creamed the bar with juices. The ecstasy I was still high on had made my body extra sensitive to everything that was happening, and I felt like I was in a parallel sexual universe.

I heard the guys negotiating among themselves about who wanted to do what to me and where. It was like I was their personal fuck slut, ready to be used and enjoyed to whatever orchestrations they preferred, and it made me feel deliciously dirty. I was a sexual object to them, to pleasure them, and entertain them, all the while their friend slept nearby, obvious to the fact that all his friends were about to mercilessly fuck his future wife.

Finally someone lifted me off the counter. In my haze, I realized that it was Brad, my original masseur from the hot tub, and I clung to him while he carried me to the sofa. He sat down, positioning me until I was straddling him.

“You’re on the pill, right Kylie?” he muttered quickly, almost as an afterthought.

“Uh huh… yeah… don’t worry,” I heard myself saying. “Just fuck me.”

He grabbed hold of my ass and guided my pussy down onto his cock. I sank down onto it, gloriously impaled and let out a long moan of pleasure. I hadn’t had a dick of his size in quite a long time, and it filled my cunt to perfection. Holding roughly onto my hips, he moved me up and down on it, until I could build a decent rhythm, riding him as my head lolled back. I knew everyone was watching the first guy fuck me, and I’m sure they were all anticipating their turn.

“Hey man, don’t hog all the action,” Greg called finally.

I felt a warm body pressing against my back and soon a finger was pushing against my tight asshole. When I had been laying on the bar counter, my juices had dripped down my ass crack and I was incredibly wet and lubed. This served Greg well, as he began to slide a finger into my ass, as I rode Brad’s cock. I knew what he was after, and while I had enjoyed a few threesomes in college, I had never done any double penetrations. But in the haze of the drugs and the warm steam of the hot tub, and the slick layer of sweat from all the sucking and fucking I was doing, my body felt loose and ready for anything. I didn’t have time to think or consider protesting. Before I knew it, Brad paused in his fucking, keeping his cock in me to the hilt, and I felt the spongy head of Greg’s dick press against my ass.

He eased it in, while I let out a long moan. The muscles contracted around the head of his shaft. My pussy, already so full, was forced to give way to the cock that was sliding deeply inside my ass, separated by just a thin wall of tissue. The process of both of them penetrating me took some time to perfect. I was a small blonde, and both of them were quite well endowed. I panted, while sandwiched in between them, as little by little, their cocks filled both of my holes.

“Oh my god,” I moaned finally, still trying to catch my breath. Slowly each of them began to find their rhythm, sawing back and forth into my pussy and ass, while I fell forward on Brad’s chest, clutching his shoulders.

“Does that feel good, babydoll?”

“Oh yesss…. It feels so good,” I cried.

“You like being our little slut, don’t you,” Greg groaned into my ear, keeping up the steady rhythm of fucking my ass.

“Yeah, I love being your little cum slut. Fuck, I want all of you to wreck my little pussy and take turns fucking my ass.” I said it for all their benefit, as I eyed the room, my eyes glazed and half open, watching the other six guys stroking their cocks with anticipation.

“You look so sexy,” I kept hearing them say. “What an unbelievable fucking bride… so hot!”

Brad and Greg continued to have their way with me. Back and forth they kept thrusting, while I kept moaning with pleasure, until Devon stepped up, and grabbed me by the hair, shoving his dick into my mouth to silence me.

“Mmm…” I gurgled around it, as he slowly fucked my face. I was entirely filled by cock, and I had never felt as sexually alive as I did in that moment. I was simultaneously pleasuring all of them in some way or another, and their focus was all on me, their desires dependent on my every action and move.

Devon was the first to cum, letting his load flood my mouth, until it was dripping down my chin. I swallowed as much as I could as I watched him back away so that my mouth could be replaced by another cock, almost without missing a beat. My mouth was still partially filled with cum, when another dick was pushing at my slippery lips. I opened my mouth, taking him inside as I struggled to swallow what I could. I felt depraved, and filthy, and oh so turned on. My pussy spasmed as I came all over Brad’s cock, almost pushing Greg’s dick out of my ass with the force of my orgasm.

“Mmm, you’re really getting off on this,” Greg laughed, playfully slapping my ass, as I recovered from my climax. “You want more ass fucking?”

“Yes, please!” I cried shamelessly.

“I’ll be back for more later, but everyone gets to take a turn,” he said, moving off the sofa for the next guy to assume his position.

And so on the sexual merry-go-round went, while I sucked, fucked and jerked off groomsman after groomsman like the whore bride that I was.

The guys stayed hard for what seemed like forever, their orgasms held back by the drugs still coursing through our bodies. Inexplicably, I never lost the energy for more and more pleasure. Eventually each guy had at least one orgasm, a few of them managing two, and one guy shooting off three times. They came in my pussy, my ass, my mouth, and all over my tits and face. I felt soaked in cum, as the hours ticked by. It was daylight outside the big bay windows that overlooked the lake, but it felt like the twilight of depravity in that boathouse.

Eventually, most of the guys were sitting in a row along the extra long sofa, jerking their still hard dicks and watching the action as I was passed from lap to lap, taking turns riding each of their cocks in succession. The smell of sex and semen hung heavily in the air, and indeed, I must have looked like a cum covered mess. It stained my face, was in my hair, and was drying on my breasts and stomach. I was wet with sweat, getting the workout of my life, as I continued to energetically fuck each of them over and over again. I had lost track of my orgasms, but my pussy was still soaked with juices and cum. None of them minded fucking my cum soaked pussy or ass as I was passed around for their pleasure. We had all melted into one insatiable and filthy sexual mélange. All the rules and decorum had long gone out the window.

I sat impaled on Devon’s cock, straddling his body, and lustily riding him.

“You are one incredible little slut,” he marveled. “Justin is one lucky guy.”

I smiled mischievously, and started to kiss him, sliding my dirty little tongue into his mouth, which he greedily sucked on. His hands slid over my ass, until I could feel him slide two fingers into my insatiable little hole, feeling cum oozing around them. He finger fucked my ass, as I slammed my pussy up and down on his rigid cock.

“Dirty, dirty girl,” he murmured. “Are you ever going to get enough of us?”

“Uh uh,” I moaned. “I’m such a cheating little whore right now. There’s no stopping me.”

I was delirious with my efforts to indulge myself, and all of them in anything we could collectively think of. I didn’t even feel like Kylie anymore. I had transformed into a sexual hedonist with no morals and no remorse.

With several well-timed deep thrusts, Devon filled my hot cunt with cum, moaning with exhaustion.

“I think you’ve worn me out,” he laughed, kissing me one last time. He leaned back against the sofa, as I caught my breath for a moment. But it seemed like as soon as one guy had been spent, another one was ready to take over.

Like a fuck-doll, I was pulled off Devon, feeling his half-limp cock sliding out of my soaking wet pussy. I realized it was Brad who had been sitting next to him, stroking his cock in preparation for his next turn with me. He turned me around until I was sitting in his lap, much the way I had been in the hot tub earlier that day.

“I think I need to fuck that little ass,” he whispered into my ear. Brad wrapped an arm around my waist to steady me, and then held his dick with his other hand, guiding it into my sore little hole that been so well abused that it opened up quite easily to accept the intrusion. My asshole sank down onto his cock until I could feel his balls against my pussy.

By then, Greg had appeared in front of me, running his hands through my wet, messy blonde hair and holding my head tight at the base of my neck as he guided my mouth onto his dick. I sucked his cock as I felt Brad continuing to thrust upwards into my ass, building a steady rhythm. Greg’s heavy lidded gaze was focused on my eyes as I looked up at him, my mouth bobbing up and down on his shaft.

“Mmm… look at this slut,” he murmured. “This beautiful bridal slut.”

His cock briefly slipped out of my dripping mouth as I moaned.

“I want you to come all over my face,” I heard myself demand. “Come on,” I urged, “I want it all over me.”

My filthy request caused him to start stroking his cock energetically as I heard him mutter further obscenities. I tilted my neck back, and stuck my tongue out, while still impaled on Brad’s cock. Finally, I felt the warm spattering of fluids all over my cheeks, and tongue. It dripped from my chin, as he finished. I smiled at how depraved and filthy I felt, swallowing what had shot into my mouth, and using my fingers to slide the rest that had landed all over my face onto my tongue.

“Perfect,” Greg announced. “You’re absolutely fucking perfect.”

The truth of it was that I had never felt so disgracefully perfect in all my life. I was still well aware of Brad’s cock making short quick thrusts into my ass. I turned my attentions back to him, as his hands moved around me to squeeze my breasts, reminding me that he still had more to give. Obligingly, I leaned back against his muscular chest, while his hands slid down to grip my thighs, easily moving me up and down on his dick. I rode him gleefully, with my hand wrapped behind his head. My face was turned to the side so that we could make out at the same time. I was in the process of sucking on his tongue and feeling his dick thrusting deeply into my ass, when I heard the screen door open and slam. And then there were the incredulous words that shook me out of my fuck-fest fog.


I looked to the doorway and saw Dave, who was Justin’s best friend (and best man!), standing there, fully clothed, well rested from his hours of sleep in the quieter main cottage. He looked so normal, and so clean , compared to the rest of us. He looked around the room with bulging eyes, as though not quite believing what he had just walked in on.

“Oh my god,” I cried. The look on his face somehow shook me to my senses, and I could feel the flames of guilt wash over me. I couldn’t move. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me down. Inexplicably, I could still feel Brad’s hard dick inside my ass, and it made me feel even more filthy to be sitting there seeing Dave openly condemning me with his eyes.

Time seemed to stand still, as the next series of events unfolded. The groomsmen began to get dressed, all of them suddenly quiet with embarrassment and muttering excuses about how we had all been so high, and none of us realized what we were doing, and begging him to please not tell Justin.

I was on my feet, suddenly trying to hide my nudity from Dave as though I hadn’t been the same slutty whore that had been unabashedly fucking eight men before he’d just walked in. In a panic I tried to find my clothes (which I couldn’t, because they were strewn around the outside deck). I gathered the scraps of my bikini, and someone offered me one of their t-shirts, which I put on. My face was still covered with cum, and my hair was wet and sticky. I was an unbelievable mess, and there was literally nothing I could say to somehow excuse any of my behaviour. Dave tried to collect his thoughts, while simultaneously swearing at each of the guys whenever they tried to offer some kind of pathetic reasoning for how this could have happened.

In the end, Dave walked me down to the lower level of the boathouse where there was an outdoor shower head and he turned his back, while I shamefully tried to scrub the cum and sweat from my face, body and hair.

“I’m so sorry,” I kept apologizing as though Dave could accept some of my remorse on Justin’s behalf.

“Do you realize that I could have been Justin walking into that boat house just now. You’re damn lucky that he’s still sleeping! What the fuck would you have done, Kylie?”

“I… I don’t know,” I admitted, feeling the shame flood through me. I had no idea how many hours had passed, but judging by the heat of the mid-day sun, it felt close to noon. As always, while on ecstasy, time seemed to fly by so much quicker than it actually felt. He handed me a spare towel and I dried off, tying my wet hair into a ponytail. I quickly got dressed in my bikini, skirt and top that I had worn when I’d arrived, and then came out of the shower enclosure to face Dave.

“Please don’t tell him. I swear to you, I’ve never done this kind of thing before. I mean I think maybe I have a problem. I mean maybe I’m a sex addict!”

“A sex addict?” he said a bitter smirk. “Don’t you think that sounds kind of lame?”

“Please Dave, I’ll do anything to make this right again. Just give me another chance. Please don’t tell Justin. I love him. I want to marry him. And you know he loves me too.”

Dave looked at me with a healthy measure of skepticism and disgust.

“I’ll keep quiet about this because I know how much it would devastate Justin to know that his fiancé fucked every single one of his groomsmen, as well as two of his other friends this close to his wedding day. I’ll let you walk out of here right now and drive home before Justin wakes up, and I’ll never tell him that you were even here. Your secret will go into the vault and it will never be spoken of again. But all of this hinges on one condition, Kylie.”

“What is it? Anything!” I cried, feeling the blessed beginnings of relief.

“You need to get some kind of counseling. If you’re a sex addict, Kylie, then consider this the moment of your intervention.”

Back in the classroom at The Belleview Retreat for Sexual Health, I stopped reading. My hands were shaking and my panties were soaked. I could feel the moisture on the inside of my bare thighs. Oh god, why did I have to wear a skirt today, I thought to myself. I desperately hoped that nobody had noticed. It was the hottest thing I’d ever written, let alone read out loud. All the memories had come back, the sights and sounds and smells of the debauched fuck fest at the cottage. I slowly glanced up at the faces watching me with trepidation. Jaws had dropped, eyes were wide and fixated on me, and there was absolute silence.

Finally Dr Clark cleared her throat. “Well, Kylie… that was… vivid. Ehrrm, I mean, thank you for sharing your story with us in such… detail.”

“Was it too much detail?” I asked, feeling myself blush.

NO! ” came the resounding answer from all of the flushed faced surrounding me.

“I mean that was just… fucking great!” the guy to my left said with a big grin on his face. “I mean, just that you… uh… you know, recognized that you had a problem after that whole… experience. And hey, you’re in treatment now, so that’s what counts, right?”

He glanced sideways at Dr Clark, obviously hoping he’d said the right thing.

“Yes, Shane… that is the most important thing,” she echoed. “Thanks again Kylie, you can sit down.”

Dr Clark got up, even though the sexual tension in the classroom was obvious, as I made my way to my seat and sat down on the plastic chair. I could feel the moisture in my panties starting to spread.

“Well,” Dr Clark said, trying to regain her composure. “That’s it for today’s session. Thanks again to Kylie for sharing… so much of herself. If you can all… reflect on her experiences this evening, we can end things for the day. Tomorrow, we’ll have…uhm…” She consulted her clipboard quickly. “Brooklyn will be sharing her story with us, of how she came to be with us here at The Belleview Retreat for Sexual Health.”

Dr Clark smiled. “Until then, please don’t forget. Sexual addiction is an affliction. And there is a cure. And I promise that you will find it here, so I congratulate you all for finally taking the step towards the path to recovery.”

And just like that… our first therapy session was adjourned.

*** The End ***


Author’s Note: The Sex Rehab Diaries is an ongoing series, featuring the intimate confessions of the patients of Dr Clark’s group therapy class for sexual addictions at The Belleview Retreat for Sexual Health. Brooklyn’s story is next…